My Favorite Card

When I think about my collection, there is one card that I know will always be my favorite.

A lot of things happened in the buildup to our wedding, but when we ordered our wedding invitations everything felt like it was going to be perfect.

In regards to the things that happened, some of them were trivial. Other, like having 20% of our wedding guests just not show up were more hurtful. During the ceremony, I looked out and there were so many empty seats. From a guest list of 150 people 34 people didn’t come. And they had sent an RSVP.

Nobody really had any decent excuses to be no-calls and no-shows. I just wish after all that trouble making a guest list and wrestling with our families, the people they insisted need to be invited showed up after saying they would. I didn’t invite people who I would have loved at my wedding because of our budget, which even ran over because we had to arrange for the no-shows food in advance.

It just makes me sad when I think back on how things could have been different.

As we set down and picked the invitations the whole atmosphere was different. There weren’t any heated and entrenched family feuds, the surface was calm.

When my husband and I picked the cards out we had a clear idea of what we wanted. What we thought was elegant and suited our taste.

We used a turquoise and black color scheme that led to the discovery of peacock invitations. This just rocked my world so much that I insisted that we add at least a touch of this into the overall reception decor.

The colors were decent, elegant, and charming. They reminded me of cards that I had collected when I was younger. Cards that I would collect years later when my daughter expressed interest in the hobby.

That is why my wedding invitations, the one that adorns its very own book are my favorite cards of all. Becuase they symbolized the beauty of what we were planning before personal drama stood in the way.

They weren’t the most expesnsive, but they were perfect none the less.

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